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Rellik is a proud member of this years Capital City Record Jury. EPL’s local music initiative, Capital City Records, is thrilled to celebrate and welcome over 85 new jury selected albums to the collection!

Join us for an evening to celebrate and mingle with talented local musicians and enjoy live performances and light refreshments.

This event will be hosted by EPL’s Musician in Residence, Mallory Chipman and feature live performances from 3 local artists featured in the collection:

Hip Hop is celebrating its 50th anniversary all around the world and Edmonton has a rich histopry when it comes to Hip Hop.

This is a community jam to celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th Birthday!

This Block Party will be what we make it. Let’s bring the young cats and old folks together to celebrate the “Love of our Life” Hip Hop.

Bringing together all the elements, come paint, pick up the mic, get down and spin a set. We’re providing the space, y’all bring your skills.

Some sets will be planned but I want to leave some open space for spontaneous vibes and cyphers. Beat boxers, Graff artists and Breakers please come through.

Rellik set is at 6PM but come out and celebrate Hip Hop culture all day long !