Bill LeBlanc, better known as RELLIK in the entertainment world, is an accomplished recording artist, performer, and radio host hailing from Edmonton. With 11 awards and 35 nominations to his name, he has solidified his presence in the industry.

Boasting nearly 1000 performances and five albums, RELLIK, a proud Métis, stands as a prominent figure in the Indigenous music scene.

Renowned for his ability to blend genres and create distinctive musical landscapes, he is not only an integral part of the Windspeaker Radio Network but also the charismatic host of "The Tribe Drive" on 89.3 The Raven in Edmonton.  Beyond his musical endeavors and radio commitments, RELLIK actively contributes to his community, embodying a true family man when he's not on stage or in the studio. Time spent with his wife and kids is a testament to his unwavering dedication to both his art and his loved ones.